Several hundred labs around the world are using ProteoWizard within their development processes and computational workflows. We'd like to thank the many users who have contributed feedback to the project. We would like to particularly thank Dr. David Agus, Director of USC's Center for Applied Molecular Medicine for his ongoing support of the ProteoWizard project. We'd also like to thank the TPP team for their ongoing support.

People Behind ProteoWizard (so far)

Dario Amodei (Mallick Lab)

Dario contributed to benchmarking, and now is doing a lot of work with Skyline's DIA implementation.

Robert Burke (Mallick Lab, USC CAMM)

Rob works on mspicture, the ProteoWizard pseudo-2D gel image creation tool. In addition, he has been working on our mzIdentML implementation.

Matt Chambers (Tabb Lab, Vanderbilt)

Matt Chambers wrote the SeeMS interactive viewer, and added most of the vendor-specific reader code. He has also been working on our mzIdentML conversion tool idConvert.

Jarrett Egertson (MacCoss Lab, University of Washington)

Once a member of the Mallick Lab, Jarrett is now at the University of Washington and has been a critcal beta-tester for ProteoWizard. He also wrote the developer documentation.

Kate Hoff (Mallick Lab, USC CAMM)

Kate contributed code on ms1 feature finding and matching.

Darren Kessner (Mallick Lab, USC CAMM/UCLA)

Darren is responsible for the design of ProteoWizard, and the initial implementation of the libraries and tools.

Brendan MacLean (MacCoss Lab, University of Washington)

Brendan works in the MacCoss Lab at the University of Washington, and has been developing Skyline, a Windows client application for building SRM/MRM methods and analyzing the resulting mass spectrometer data.

Parag Mallick (Stanford University & USC CAMM)

Parag is the web designer (and the PI of the ProteoWizard project and President of the ProteoWizard Software Foundation).

Brian Pratt (Insilicos)

Brian is responsible for integration of ProteoWizard into the Trans-Proteomic Pipeline.

Natalie Tasman (Insilicos)

Natalie provided critical early feedback on integrating ProteoWizard with the Trans-Proteomic Pipeline, and has contributed vendor data reading code to ProteoWizard.

Contributing Groups

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