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Our latest paper just arrived in Nature Biotech. Take a read through A cross-platform toolkit for mass spectrometry and proteomics. Please do cite us if you used our tools in your work (particularly msConvert!) Chambers, M.C., MacLean, B., Burke, R., Amode, D., Ruderman, D.L., Neumann, S., Gatto, L., Fischer, B., Pratt, B., Egertson, J., Hoff, K., Kessner, D., Tasman, N., Shulman, N., Frewen, B., Baker, T.A., Brusniak, M.-Y., Paulse, C., Creasy, D., Flashner, L., Kani, K., Moulding, C., Seymour, S.L., Nuwaysir, L.M., Lefebvre, B., Kuhlmann, F., Roark, J., Rainer, P., Detlev, S., Hemenway, T., Huhmer, A., Langridge, J., Connolly, B., Chadick, T., Holly, K., Eckels, J., Deutsch, E.W., Moritz, R.L., Katz, J.E., Agus, D.B., MacCoss, M., Tabb, D.L. & Mallick, P. A cross-platform toolkit for mass spectrometry and proteomics. Nature Biotechnology 30, 918-920 (2012).


New Windows Installer!


New support for Bruker Data Files!


New support for AB Sciex Data Files!


msConvert GUI now released!


Support for conversions from Mascot, pepXML and protXML to mzIdentML via idConvert!

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