ProteoWizard Project Overview

Directory Layout


Here is an outline of the various ProteoWizard projects, organized by dependency level.   There may be dependencies within a given level, but there should never be any up-level dependencies.   Unless otherwise noted, all projects are cross-platform.   Each project's source files are contained in the subdirectory of pwiz of the same name.

Code Conventions

A code module consists of an interface (Foo.hpp), implementation (Foo.cpp), and a unit test (FooTest.cpp).   The interface should be self-documenting, with optional inclusion of comment markup for automated documentation tools (e.g. Doxygen).   The unit test serves two purposes:

  1. To exercise the module's interface and validate its behavior independent of other modules.
  2. To document the intended usage of the code module.

Clients of a code module should never need to look at the implementation for questions about usage.

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