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pwiz::msdata::mz5::ScanSettingMZ5 Struct Reference More...

#include <Datastructures_mz5.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 ScanSettingMZ5 ()
 ScanSettingMZ5 (const ScanSettingMZ5 &)
 ScanSettingMZ5 (const pwiz::msdata::ScanSettings &, const ReferenceWrite_mz5 &wref)
ScanSettingMZ5operator= (const ScanSettingMZ5 &)
 ~ScanSettingMZ5 ()
void init (const ParamListMZ5 &params, const RefListMZ5 &refSourceFiles, const ParamListsMZ5 targets, const char *id)
pwiz::msdata::ScanSettingsgetScanSetting (const ReferenceRead_mz5 &rref)

Static Public Member Functions

static H5::CompType getType ()
static void convert (std::vector< ScanSettingMZ5 > &, const std::vector< pwiz::msdata::ScanSettingsPtr > &, const ReferenceWrite_mz5 &wref)
static void read (const std::vector< pwiz::msdata::ScanSettingsPtr > &, const ReferenceWrite_mz5 &wref)

Public Attributes

char * id
ParamListMZ5 paramList
RefListMZ5 sourceFileIDs
ParamListsMZ5 targetList

Detailed Description

Definition at line 424 of file Datastructures_mz5.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

pwiz::msdata::mz5::ScanSettingMZ5::ScanSettingMZ5 ( )
pwiz::msdata::mz5::ScanSettingMZ5::ScanSettingMZ5 ( const ScanSettingMZ5 )
pwiz::msdata::mz5::ScanSettingMZ5::ScanSettingMZ5 ( const pwiz::msdata::ScanSettings ,
const ReferenceWrite_mz5 wref 
pwiz::msdata::mz5::ScanSettingMZ5::~ScanSettingMZ5 ( )

Member Function Documentation

ScanSettingMZ5& pwiz::msdata::mz5::ScanSettingMZ5::operator= ( const ScanSettingMZ5 )
void pwiz::msdata::mz5::ScanSettingMZ5::init ( const ParamListMZ5 params,
const RefListMZ5 refSourceFiles,
const ParamListsMZ5  targets,
const char *  id 
pwiz::msdata::ScanSettings* pwiz::msdata::mz5::ScanSettingMZ5::getScanSetting ( const ReferenceRead_mz5 rref)
static H5::CompType pwiz::msdata::mz5::ScanSettingMZ5::getType ( )
static void pwiz::msdata::mz5::ScanSettingMZ5::convert ( std::vector< ScanSettingMZ5 > &  ,
const std::vector< pwiz::msdata::ScanSettingsPtr > &  ,
const ReferenceWrite_mz5 wref 
static void pwiz::msdata::mz5::ScanSettingMZ5::read ( const std::vector< pwiz::msdata::ScanSettingsPtr > &  ,
const ReferenceWrite_mz5 wref 

Member Data Documentation

char* pwiz::msdata::mz5::ScanSettingMZ5::id

Definition at line 426 of file Datastructures_mz5.hpp.

ParamListMZ5 pwiz::msdata::mz5::ScanSettingMZ5::paramList

Definition at line 427 of file Datastructures_mz5.hpp.

RefListMZ5 pwiz::msdata::mz5::ScanSettingMZ5::sourceFileIDs

Definition at line 428 of file Datastructures_mz5.hpp.

ParamListsMZ5 pwiz::msdata::mz5::ScanSettingMZ5::targetList

Definition at line 429 of file Datastructures_mz5.hpp.

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