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pwiz::identdata::IdentifiableParamContainer Struct Reference

Parent class of all Identifiable objects that have ParamGroups. More...

#include <IdentData.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for pwiz::identdata::IdentifiableParamContainer:
pwiz::data::ParamContainer pwiz::identdata::Contact pwiz::identdata::DBSequence pwiz::identdata::Measure pwiz::identdata::Peptide pwiz::identdata::PeptideEvidence pwiz::identdata::ProteinAmbiguityGroup pwiz::identdata::ProteinDetectionHypothesis pwiz::identdata::ProteinDetectionList pwiz::identdata::Sample pwiz::identdata::SearchDatabase pwiz::identdata::SourceFile pwiz::identdata::SpectrumIdentificationItem pwiz::identdata::SpectrumIdentificationResult pwiz::identdata::TranslationTable

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Public Member Functions

 IdentifiableParamContainer (const std::string &id_="", const std::string &name_="")
virtual ~IdentifiableParamContainer ()
virtual bool empty () const
 returns true iff the element contains no params or param groups
- Public Member Functions inherited from pwiz::data::ParamContainer
CVParam cvParam (CVID cvid) const
 finds cvid in the container:
CVParam cvParamChild (CVID cvid) const
 finds child of cvid in the container:
std::vector< CVParamcvParamChildren (CVID cvid) const
 finds all children of cvid in the container:
bool hasCVParam (CVID cvid) const
 returns true iff cvParams contains exact cvid (recursive)
bool hasCVParamChild (CVID cvid) const
 returns true iff cvParams contains a child (is_a) of cvid (recursive)
UserParam userParam (const std::string &) const
 finds UserParam with specified name
void set (CVID cvid, const std::string &value="", CVID units=CVID_Unknown)
 set/add a CVParam (not recursive)
void set (CVID cvid, double value, CVID units=CVID_Unknown)
 set/add a CVParam (not recursive)
void set (CVID cvid, int value, CVID units=CVID_Unknown)
 set/add a CVParam (not recursive)
template<typename value_type >
void set (CVID cvid, value_type value, CVID units=CVID_Unknown)
 set/add a CVParam (not recursive)
void clear ()
 clears the collections
bool operator== (const ParamContainer &that) const
 returns true iff this and that have the exact same cvParams and userParams
bool operator!= (const ParamContainer &that) const
 returns !(this==that)
void set (CVID cvid, bool value, CVID units)
 special case for bool (outside the class for gcc 3.4, and inline for msvc)

Public Attributes

std::string id
std::string name
- Public Attributes inherited from pwiz::data::ParamContainer
std::vector< ParamGroupPtrparamGroupPtrs
 a collection of references to ParamGroups
std::vector< CVParamcvParams
 a collection of controlled vocabulary terms
std::vector< UserParamuserParams
 a collection of uncontrolled user terms

Detailed Description

Parent class of all Identifiable objects that have ParamGroups.

Represents bibliographic references.

Definition at line 79 of file IdentData.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

pwiz::identdata::IdentifiableParamContainer::IdentifiableParamContainer ( const std::string &  id_ = "",
const std::string &  name_ = "" 
virtual pwiz::identdata::IdentifiableParamContainer::~IdentifiableParamContainer ( )

Definition at line 83 of file IdentData.hpp.


Member Function Documentation

virtual bool pwiz::identdata::IdentifiableParamContainer::empty ( ) const

Member Data Documentation

std::string pwiz::identdata::IdentifiableParamContainer::id
std::string pwiz::identdata::IdentifiableParamContainer::name

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