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pwiz::identdata::ContactRole Struct Reference

Implementation of ContactRoleType from the mzIdentML schema. More...

#include <IdentData.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 ContactRole (CVID role_=CVID_Unknown, const ContactPtr &contactPtr_=ContactPtr())
bool empty () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from pwiz::data::CVParam
 CVParam (CVID _cvid, float _value, CVID _units=CVID_Unknown)
 CVParam (CVID _cvid, double _value, CVID _units=CVID_Unknown)
 CVParam (CVID _cvid, int _value, CVID _units=CVID_Unknown)
 CVParam (CVID _cvid, long _value, CVID _units=CVID_Unknown)
 CVParam (CVID _cvid, unsigned int _value, CVID _units=CVID_Unknown)
 CVParam (CVID _cvid, unsigned long _value, CVID _units=CVID_Unknown)
 CVParam (CVID _cvid, std::string _value, CVID _units=CVID_Unknown)
 CVParam (CVID _cvid, const char *_value, CVID _units=CVID_Unknown)
 CVParam (CVID _cvid, bool _value, CVID _units=CVID_Unknown)
 special case for bool (no lexical_cast)
 CVParam (CVID _cvid=CVID_Unknown)
 constructor for non-valued CVParams
 ~CVParam ()
template<typename value_type >
value_type valueAs () const
 templated value access with type conversion
std::string name () const
 convenience function to return string for the cvid
std::string unitsName () const
 convenience function to return string for the units
double timeInSeconds () const
 convenience function to return time in seconds (throws if units not a time unit)
std::string valueFixedNotation () const
 convenience function to return value without scientific notation (throws if not a double)
bool operator== (const CVParam &that) const
 equality operator
bool operator!= (const CVParam &that) const
 inequality operator

Public Attributes

ContactPtr contactPtr
- Public Attributes inherited from pwiz::data::CVParam
CVID cvid
std::string value
CVID units

Detailed Description

Implementation of ContactRoleType from the mzIdentML schema.

The role that a Contact plays in an organization or with respect to the associating class. A Contact may have several Roles within scope, and as such, associations to ContactRole allow the use of a Contact in a certain manner. Examples might include a provider, or a data analyst.

Definition at line 175 of file IdentData.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

pwiz::identdata::ContactRole::ContactRole ( CVID  role_ = CVID_Unknown,
const ContactPtr &  contactPtr_ = ContactPtr() 

Member Function Documentation

bool pwiz::identdata::ContactRole::empty ( ) const

Reimplemented from pwiz::data::CVParam.

Member Data Documentation

ContactPtr pwiz::identdata::ContactRole::contactPtr

Definition at line 180 of file IdentData.hpp.

Referenced by pwiz::identdata::TextWriter::operator()(), and testContactRole().

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