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pwiz::eharmony::NormalDistributionSearch Struct Reference

#include <SearchNeighborhoodCalculator.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 NormalDistributionSearch (double threshold=0.95)
virtual void calculateTolerances (const DfcPtr dfc)
virtual double score (const SpectrumQuery &a, const Feature &b) const
virtual bool close (const SpectrumQuery &a, const Feature &b) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from pwiz::eharmony::SearchNeighborhoodCalculator
 SearchNeighborhoodCalculator ()
 SearchNeighborhoodCalculator (double mzTol, double rtTol)
virtual void calculateTolerances (const DataFetcherContainer &dfc)
virtual ~SearchNeighborhoodCalculator ()
virtual bool operator== (const SearchNeighborhoodCalculator &that) const
virtual bool operator!= (const SearchNeighborhoodCalculator &that) const

Public Attributes

double _mu_mz
double _sigma_mz
double _mu_rt
double _sigma_rt
double _threshold
- Public Attributes inherited from pwiz::eharmony::SearchNeighborhoodCalculator
string _id
double _mzTol
double _rtTol

Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

pwiz::eharmony::NormalDistributionSearch::NormalDistributionSearch ( double  threshold = 0.95)

Definition at line 63 of file SearchNeighborhoodCalculator.hpp.

References boost::lexical_cast().

: _threshold(threshold)
_id = ("normalDistribution[" + boost::lexical_cast<string>(_threshold) + "]").c_str();

Member Function Documentation

virtual void pwiz::eharmony::NormalDistributionSearch::calculateTolerances ( const DfcPtr  dfc)
virtual double pwiz::eharmony::NormalDistributionSearch::score ( const SpectrumQuery a,
const Feature b 
) const
virtual bool pwiz::eharmony::NormalDistributionSearch::close ( const SpectrumQuery a,
const Feature b 
) const

Member Data Documentation

double pwiz::eharmony::NormalDistributionSearch::_mu_mz

Definition at line 72 of file SearchNeighborhoodCalculator.hpp.

double pwiz::eharmony::NormalDistributionSearch::_sigma_mz

Definition at line 73 of file SearchNeighborhoodCalculator.hpp.

double pwiz::eharmony::NormalDistributionSearch::_mu_rt

Definition at line 75 of file SearchNeighborhoodCalculator.hpp.

double pwiz::eharmony::NormalDistributionSearch::_sigma_rt

Definition at line 76 of file SearchNeighborhoodCalculator.hpp.

double pwiz::eharmony::NormalDistributionSearch::_threshold

Definition at line 78 of file SearchNeighborhoodCalculator.hpp.

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