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pwiz::eharmony::Exporter Struct Reference

#include <Exporter.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 Exporter (const PeptideMatcher &pm, const Feature2PeptideMatcher &f2pm)
void writePM (ostream &os)
void writeWigglePlot (ostream &os)
void writeRTCalibrationPlot (ostream &os)
void writeFunnyPeptides (ostream &os)
void writeOKPeptides (ostream &os)
void writeF2PM (ostream &os)
void writeROCStats (ostream &os)
void writePepXML (MSMSPipelineAnalysis &mspa, ostream &os)
void writeCombinedPepXML (MSMSPipelineAnalysis &mspa, ostream &os)
void writeRInputFile (ostream &os)
void writeTruePositives (ostream &os)
void writeFalsePositives (ostream &os)
void writeTrueNegatives (ostream &os)
void writeFalseNegatives (ostream &os)
void writeUnknownPositives (ostream &os)
void writeUnknownNegatives (ostream &os)
void writeRTCalibrationData (ostream &ospep, ostream &osf0, ostream &osf1)
void writeAnchors (ostream &os)

Public Attributes

PeptideMatcher _pm
Feature2PeptideMatcher _f2pm
DfcPtr _dfc

Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

pwiz::eharmony::Exporter::Exporter ( const PeptideMatcher pm,
const Feature2PeptideMatcher f2pm 

Definition at line 41 of file Exporter.hpp.

: _pm(pm), _f2pm(f2pm) {}

Member Function Documentation

void pwiz::eharmony::Exporter::writePM ( ostream &  os)
void pwiz::eharmony::Exporter::writeWigglePlot ( ostream &  os)
void pwiz::eharmony::Exporter::writeRTCalibrationPlot ( ostream &  os)
void pwiz::eharmony::Exporter::writeFunnyPeptides ( ostream &  os)
void pwiz::eharmony::Exporter::writeOKPeptides ( ostream &  os)
void pwiz::eharmony::Exporter::writeF2PM ( ostream &  os)
void pwiz::eharmony::Exporter::writeROCStats ( ostream &  os)
void pwiz::eharmony::Exporter::writePepXML ( MSMSPipelineAnalysis mspa,
ostream &  os 
void pwiz::eharmony::Exporter::writeCombinedPepXML ( MSMSPipelineAnalysis mspa,
ostream &  os 
void pwiz::eharmony::Exporter::writeRInputFile ( ostream &  os)
void pwiz::eharmony::Exporter::writeTruePositives ( ostream &  os)
void pwiz::eharmony::Exporter::writeFalsePositives ( ostream &  os)
void pwiz::eharmony::Exporter::writeTrueNegatives ( ostream &  os)
void pwiz::eharmony::Exporter::writeFalseNegatives ( ostream &  os)
void pwiz::eharmony::Exporter::writeUnknownPositives ( ostream &  os)
void pwiz::eharmony::Exporter::writeUnknownNegatives ( ostream &  os)
void pwiz::eharmony::Exporter::writeRTCalibrationData ( ostream &  ospep,
ostream &  osf0,
ostream &  osf1 
void pwiz::eharmony::Exporter::writeAnchors ( ostream &  os)

Member Data Documentation

PeptideMatcher pwiz::eharmony::Exporter::_pm

Definition at line 62 of file Exporter.hpp.

Feature2PeptideMatcher pwiz::eharmony::Exporter::_f2pm

Definition at line 63 of file Exporter.hpp.

DfcPtr pwiz::eharmony::Exporter::_dfc

Definition at line 64 of file Exporter.hpp.

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