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pwiz::data::peakdata::Peakel Struct Reference

struct for an eluted peak (PEAK ELution) More...

#include <PeakData.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 Peakel ()
 Peakel (const Peak &peak)
void calculateMetadata ()
 recalculates all metadata based on peak data
double retentionTimeMin () const
double retentionTimeMax () const
void write (pwiz::minimxml::XMLWriter &xmlWriter) const
void read (std::istream &is)
bool operator== (const Peakel &that) const
bool operator!= (const Peakel &that) const

Public Attributes

double mz
double retentionTime
double maxIntensity
double totalIntensity
double mzVariance
std::vector< Peakpeaks

Detailed Description

struct for an eluted peak (PEAK ELution)

Definition at line 211 of file PeakData.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

pwiz::data::peakdata::Peakel::Peakel ( )
pwiz::data::peakdata::Peakel::Peakel ( const Peak peak)

Member Function Documentation

void pwiz::data::peakdata::Peakel::calculateMetadata ( )

recalculates all metadata based on peak data

double pwiz::data::peakdata::Peakel::retentionTimeMin ( ) const

Referenced by testPeakelAux().

double pwiz::data::peakdata::Peakel::retentionTimeMax ( ) const

Referenced by testPeakelAux().

void pwiz::data::peakdata::Peakel::write ( pwiz::minimxml::XMLWriter xmlWriter) const
void pwiz::data::peakdata::Peakel::read ( std::istream &  is)

Referenced by testPeakel().

bool pwiz::data::peakdata::Peakel::operator== ( const Peakel that) const
bool pwiz::data::peakdata::Peakel::operator!= ( const Peakel that) const

Member Data Documentation

double pwiz::data::peakdata::Peakel::mz

Definition at line 214 of file PeakData.hpp.

Referenced by testPeakelConstruction().

double pwiz::data::peakdata::Peakel::retentionTime

Definition at line 215 of file PeakData.hpp.

Referenced by testPeakelAux(), and testPeakelConstruction().

double pwiz::data::peakdata::Peakel::maxIntensity

Definition at line 216 of file PeakData.hpp.

double pwiz::data::peakdata::Peakel::totalIntensity

Definition at line 217 of file PeakData.hpp.

double pwiz::data::peakdata::Peakel::mzVariance

Definition at line 218 of file PeakData.hpp.

std::vector<Peak> pwiz::data::peakdata::Peakel::peaks

Definition at line 221 of file PeakData.hpp.

Referenced by testPeakelAux(), and testPeakelConstruction().

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