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pwiz::data::Term Struct Reference

a single controlled vocabulary term More...

#include <obo.hpp>

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Public Types

typedef unsigned int id_type
typedef std::vector< id_typeid_list
typedef std::multimap
< std::string, std::pair
< std::string, id_type > > 

Public Member Functions

 Term (id_type id=MAX_ID)
bool operator< (const Term &rhs) const

Public Attributes

std::string prefix
id_type id
std::string name
std::string def
id_list parentsIsA
id_list parentsPartOf
relation_map relations
std::multimap< std::string,
std::string > 
std::vector< std::string > exactSynonyms
bool isObsolete

Static Public Attributes

static const id_type MAX_ID

Detailed Description

a single controlled vocabulary term

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Member Typedef Documentation

typedef unsigned int pwiz::data::Term::id_type

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typedef std::vector<id_type> pwiz::data::Term::id_list

Definition at line 44 of file obo.hpp.

typedef std::multimap<std::string, std::pair<std::string, id_type> > pwiz::data::Term::relation_map

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

pwiz::data::Term::Term ( id_type  id = MAX_ID)

Definition at line 59 of file obo.hpp.

: id(id), isObsolete(false)

Member Function Documentation

bool pwiz::data::Term::operator< ( const Term rhs) const

Definition at line 63 of file obo.hpp.

References id.

{return id <;}

Member Data Documentation

const id_type pwiz::data::Term::MAX_ID

Definition at line 46 of file obo.hpp.

std::string pwiz::data::Term::prefix

Definition at line 48 of file obo.hpp.

id_type pwiz::data::Term::id

Definition at line 49 of file obo.hpp.

Referenced by operator<().

std::string pwiz::data::Term::name

Definition at line 50 of file obo.hpp.

std::string pwiz::data::Term::def

Definition at line 51 of file obo.hpp.

id_list pwiz::data::Term::parentsIsA

Definition at line 52 of file obo.hpp.

id_list pwiz::data::Term::parentsPartOf

Definition at line 53 of file obo.hpp.

relation_map pwiz::data::Term::relations

Definition at line 54 of file obo.hpp.

std::multimap<std::string, std::string> pwiz::data::Term::propertyValues

Definition at line 55 of file obo.hpp.

std::vector<std::string> pwiz::data::Term::exactSynonyms

Definition at line 56 of file obo.hpp.

bool pwiz::data::Term::isObsolete

Definition at line 57 of file obo.hpp.

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