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pwiz::analysis::PepxmlRecordReader::record Struct Reference

#include <PepXMLCat.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 record ()

Public Attributes

int index
int hit_rank
std::string spectrum
double mz
double hyperscore
double nextscore
double expect
double xcorr
double deltacn
double deltacnstar
double spscore
int sprank
double zscore
double origScore
double ionscore
double id_score
double homology_score
double dot_product
double delta
std::vector< std::pair
< std::string, std::string > > 
double bays_score
std::string m_ions
std::string peptide
std::string protein
int ntt

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Definition at line 52 of file PepXMLCat.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

pwiz::analysis::PepxmlRecordReader::record::record ( )

Member Data Documentation

int pwiz::analysis::PepxmlRecordReader::record::index

Definition at line 54 of file PepXMLCat.hpp.

int pwiz::analysis::PepxmlRecordReader::record::hit_rank

Definition at line 55 of file PepXMLCat.hpp.

std::string pwiz::analysis::PepxmlRecordReader::record::spectrum

Definition at line 56 of file PepXMLCat.hpp.

double pwiz::analysis::PepxmlRecordReader::record::mz

Definition at line 57 of file PepXMLCat.hpp.

double pwiz::analysis::PepxmlRecordReader::record::hyperscore

Definition at line 60 of file PepXMLCat.hpp.

double pwiz::analysis::PepxmlRecordReader::record::nextscore

Definition at line 61 of file PepXMLCat.hpp.

double pwiz::analysis::PepxmlRecordReader::record::expect

Definition at line 62 of file PepXMLCat.hpp.

double pwiz::analysis::PepxmlRecordReader::record::xcorr

Definition at line 66 of file PepXMLCat.hpp.

double pwiz::analysis::PepxmlRecordReader::record::deltacn

Definition at line 67 of file PepXMLCat.hpp.

double pwiz::analysis::PepxmlRecordReader::record::deltacnstar

Definition at line 68 of file PepXMLCat.hpp.

double pwiz::analysis::PepxmlRecordReader::record::spscore

Definition at line 69 of file PepXMLCat.hpp.

int pwiz::analysis::PepxmlRecordReader::record::sprank

Definition at line 70 of file PepXMLCat.hpp.

double pwiz::analysis::PepxmlRecordReader::record::zscore

Definition at line 73 of file PepXMLCat.hpp.

double pwiz::analysis::PepxmlRecordReader::record::origScore

Definition at line 74 of file PepXMLCat.hpp.

double pwiz::analysis::PepxmlRecordReader::record::ionscore

Definition at line 77 of file PepXMLCat.hpp.

double pwiz::analysis::PepxmlRecordReader::record::id_score

Definition at line 78 of file PepXMLCat.hpp.

double pwiz::analysis::PepxmlRecordReader::record::homology_score

Definition at line 79 of file PepXMLCat.hpp.

double pwiz::analysis::PepxmlRecordReader::record::dot_product

Definition at line 82 of file PepXMLCat.hpp.

double pwiz::analysis::PepxmlRecordReader::record::delta

Definition at line 83 of file PepXMLCat.hpp.

std::vector<std::pair< std::string, std::string> > pwiz::analysis::PepxmlRecordReader::record::search_scores

Definition at line 86 of file PepXMLCat.hpp.

double pwiz::analysis::PepxmlRecordReader::record::bays_score

Definition at line 89 of file PepXMLCat.hpp.

std::string pwiz::analysis::PepxmlRecordReader::record::m_ions

Definition at line 92 of file PepXMLCat.hpp.

std::string pwiz::analysis::PepxmlRecordReader::record::peptide

Definition at line 93 of file PepXMLCat.hpp.

std::string pwiz::analysis::PepxmlRecordReader::record::protein

Definition at line 94 of file PepXMLCat.hpp.

int pwiz::analysis::PepxmlRecordReader::record::ntt

Definition at line 95 of file PepXMLCat.hpp.

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