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MSDataWithSettableVersion Struct Reference
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void version (const string &v)
- Public Member Functions inherited from pwiz::msdata::MSData
std::vector< DataProcessingPtrallDataProcessingPtrs () const
 return dataProcessingPtrs augmented by the dataProcessingPtr() set in SpectrumList and/or ChromatogramList
 MSData ()
virtual ~MSData ()
bool empty () const
const std::string & version () const
 returns the version of this mzML document; for a document created programmatically, the version is the current release version of mzML; for a document created from a file/stream, the version is the schema version read from the file/stream

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from pwiz::msdata::MSData
std::string accession
 an optional accession number for the mzML document.
std::string id
 an optional id for the mzML document. It is recommended to use LSIDs when possible.
std::vector< CVcvs
 container for one or more controlled vocabulary definitions.
FileDescription fileDescription
 information pertaining to the entire mzML file (i.e. not specific to any part of the data set) is stored here.
std::vector< ParamGroupPtrparamGroupPtrs
 container for a list of referenceableParamGroups
std::vector< SamplePtrsamplePtrs
 list and descriptions of samples.
std::vector< SoftwarePtrsoftwarePtrs
 list and descriptions of software used to acquire and/or process the data in this mzML file.
std::vector< ScanSettingsPtrscanSettingsPtrs
 list with the descriptions of the acquisition settings applied prior to the start of data acquisition.
< InstrumentConfigurationPtr
 list and descriptions of instrument configurations.
std::vector< DataProcessingPtrdataProcessingPtrs
 list and descriptions of data processing applied to this data.
Run run
 a run in mzML should correspond to a single, consecutive and coherent set of scans on an instrument.
- Protected Attributes inherited from pwiz::msdata::MSData
std::string version_

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Definition at line 886 of file DiffTest.cpp.

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void MSDataWithSettableVersion::version ( const string &  v)

Definition at line 886 of file DiffTest.cpp.

References version().

Referenced by testMSData(), and version().

: public MSData {using MSData::version; void version(const string& v) {version_ = v;}};

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