mt19937ar.h File Reference

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void init_genrand (unsigned long s)
void init_by_array (unsigned long init_key[], int key_length)
unsigned long genrand_int32 (void)
long genrand_int31 (void)
double genrand_real1 (void)
double genrand_real2 (void)
double genrand_real3 (void)
double genrand_res53 (void)

Function Documentation

void init_genrand ( unsigned long  s)
void init_by_array ( unsigned long  init_key[],
int  key_length 
unsigned long genrand_int32 ( void  )
long genrand_int31 ( void  )
double genrand_real1 ( void  )
double genrand_real2 ( void  )
double genrand_real3 ( void  )
double genrand_res53 ( void  )