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pwiz::proteome::Digestion::const_iterator Class Reference

provides forward-only, read-only iteration to enumerate peptides More...

#include <Digestion.hpp>

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Public Types

typedef std::forward_iterator_tag iterator_category
typedef DigestedPeptide value_type
typedef size_t difference_type
typedef value_typepointer
typedef value_typereference

Public Member Functions

 const_iterator (const const_iterator &rhs)
 ~const_iterator ()
const DigestedPeptideoperator* () const
const DigestedPeptideoperator-> () const
const_iteratoroperator++ ()
const_iterator operator++ (int)
bool operator!= (const const_iterator &that) const
bool operator== (const const_iterator &that) const

Private Member Functions

 const_iterator ()
 const_iterator (const Digestion &digestion)

Private Attributes

boost::shared_ptr< Impl > impl_


class Digestion
class Digestion::Impl

Detailed Description

provides forward-only, read-only iteration to enumerate peptides

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Member Typedef Documentation

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

pwiz::proteome::Digestion::const_iterator::const_iterator ( const const_iterator rhs)
pwiz::proteome::Digestion::const_iterator::~const_iterator ( )
pwiz::proteome::Digestion::const_iterator::const_iterator ( )
pwiz::proteome::Digestion::const_iterator::const_iterator ( const Digestion digestion)

Member Function Documentation

const DigestedPeptide& pwiz::proteome::Digestion::const_iterator::operator* ( ) const
const DigestedPeptide* pwiz::proteome::Digestion::const_iterator::operator-> ( ) const
const_iterator& pwiz::proteome::Digestion::const_iterator::operator++ ( )
const_iterator pwiz::proteome::Digestion::const_iterator::operator++ ( int  )
bool pwiz::proteome::Digestion::const_iterator::operator!= ( const const_iterator that) const
bool pwiz::proteome::Digestion::const_iterator::operator== ( const const_iterator that) const

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class Digestion

Definition at line 242 of file Digestion.hpp.

friend class Digestion::Impl

Definition at line 243 of file Digestion.hpp.

Member Data Documentation

boost::shared_ptr<Impl> pwiz::proteome::Digestion::const_iterator::impl_

Definition at line 245 of file Digestion.hpp.

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