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pwiz::msdata::LegacyAdapter_Software Class Reference

interface for legacy access to Software More...

#include <LegacyAdapter.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 LegacyAdapter_Software (SoftwarePtr software, MSData &msd, const CVTranslator &cvTranslator)
std::string name () const
void name (const std::string &value)
std::string version () const
void version (const std::string &value)
std::string type () const
void type (const std::string &value)

Private Member Functions

 LegacyAdapter_Software (LegacyAdapter_Software &)
LegacyAdapter_Softwareoperator= (LegacyAdapter_Software &)

Private Attributes

boost::shared_ptr< Impl > impl_

Detailed Description

interface for legacy access to Software

mzXML: <software type="acquisition" name="XCalibur" version="4.20">

MSData: name: Software::cvParams(0) version: Software::version type: DataProcessing::processingMethods[?].userParams[?]

Note: setting 'type' may create a DataProcessing object, which needs an id. Since the id is generated from 'name', it is an error to set 'type' before setting 'name'.

Definition at line 105 of file LegacyAdapter.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

pwiz::msdata::LegacyAdapter_Software::LegacyAdapter_Software ( SoftwarePtr  software,
MSData msd,
const CVTranslator cvTranslator 
pwiz::msdata::LegacyAdapter_Software::LegacyAdapter_Software ( LegacyAdapter_Software )

Member Function Documentation

std::string pwiz::msdata::LegacyAdapter_Software::name ( ) const

Referenced by testSoftware().

void pwiz::msdata::LegacyAdapter_Software::name ( const std::string &  value)
std::string pwiz::msdata::LegacyAdapter_Software::version ( ) const

Referenced by testSoftware().

void pwiz::msdata::LegacyAdapter_Software::version ( const std::string &  value)
std::string pwiz::msdata::LegacyAdapter_Software::type ( ) const

Referenced by testSoftware().

void pwiz::msdata::LegacyAdapter_Software::type ( const std::string &  value)
LegacyAdapter_Software& pwiz::msdata::LegacyAdapter_Software::operator= ( LegacyAdapter_Software )

Member Data Documentation

boost::shared_ptr<Impl> pwiz::msdata::LegacyAdapter_Software::impl_

Definition at line 121 of file LegacyAdapter.hpp.

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