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pwiz::msdata::LegacyAdapter_Instrument Class Reference

interface for legacy access to Instrument More...

#include <LegacyAdapter.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 LegacyAdapter_Instrument (InstrumentConfiguration &instrumentConfiguration, const CVTranslator &cvTranslator)
std::string manufacturer () const
std::string model () const
void manufacturerAndModel (const std::string &valueManufacturer, const std::string &valueModel)
std::string ionisation () const
void ionisation (const std::string &value)
std::string analyzer () const
void analyzer (const std::string &value)
std::string detector () const
void detector (const std::string &value)

Private Member Functions

 LegacyAdapter_Instrument (LegacyAdapter_Instrument &)
LegacyAdapter_Instrumentoperator= (LegacyAdapter_Instrument &)

Private Attributes

boost::shared_ptr< Impl > impl_

Detailed Description

interface for legacy access to Instrument

mzXML/RAMP encode instrument information as 5 strings: manufacturer, model, ionisation, analyzer, detector

In mzML, the equivalent information is encoded as cvParams in various locations in the <instrument> element. One important difference is that the manufacturer information is implicit in the CV term used to encode the model.

The "set" methods use CVTranslator to translate the string(s) to an appropriate cvParam. If no CV term can be found, the information is encoded as a userParam.

The "get" methods look for the cvParam first, then the userParam.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

pwiz::msdata::LegacyAdapter_Instrument::LegacyAdapter_Instrument ( InstrumentConfiguration instrumentConfiguration,
const CVTranslator cvTranslator 
pwiz::msdata::LegacyAdapter_Instrument::LegacyAdapter_Instrument ( LegacyAdapter_Instrument )

Member Function Documentation

std::string pwiz::msdata::LegacyAdapter_Instrument::manufacturer ( ) const
std::string pwiz::msdata::LegacyAdapter_Instrument::model ( ) const
void pwiz::msdata::LegacyAdapter_Instrument::manufacturerAndModel ( const std::string &  valueManufacturer,
const std::string &  valueModel 
std::string pwiz::msdata::LegacyAdapter_Instrument::ionisation ( ) const

Referenced by testIonisation().

void pwiz::msdata::LegacyAdapter_Instrument::ionisation ( const std::string &  value)
std::string pwiz::msdata::LegacyAdapter_Instrument::analyzer ( ) const

Referenced by testAnalyzer().

void pwiz::msdata::LegacyAdapter_Instrument::analyzer ( const std::string &  value)
std::string pwiz::msdata::LegacyAdapter_Instrument::detector ( ) const

Referenced by testDetector().

void pwiz::msdata::LegacyAdapter_Instrument::detector ( const std::string &  value)
LegacyAdapter_Instrument& pwiz::msdata::LegacyAdapter_Instrument::operator= ( LegacyAdapter_Instrument )

Member Data Documentation

boost::shared_ptr<Impl> pwiz::msdata::LegacyAdapter_Instrument::impl_

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