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pwiz::msdata::ChromatogramListBase Class Reference

common functionality for base ChromatogramList implementations More...

#include <ChromatogramListBase.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for pwiz::msdata::ChromatogramListBase:
pwiz::msdata::ChromatogramList MyBase pwiz::msdata::ChromatogramList_mz5 pwiz::msdata::ChromatogramList_mzML pwiz::msdata::detail::ChromatogramList_ABI pwiz::msdata::detail::ChromatogramList_Agilent pwiz::msdata::detail::ChromatogramList_Bruker pwiz::msdata::detail::ChromatogramList_Thermo pwiz::msdata::detail::ChromatogramList_Waters

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Public Member Functions

virtual const
boost::shared_ptr< const
dataProcessingPtr () const
 implementation of ChromatogramList
virtual void setDataProcessingPtr (DataProcessingPtr dp)
 set DataProcessing
- Public Member Functions inherited from pwiz::msdata::ChromatogramList
virtual size_t size () const =0
 returns the number of chromatograms
bool empty () const
 returns true iff (size() == 0) and (dataProcessingPtr.get() == NULL)
virtual const
chromatogramIdentity (size_t index) const =0
 access to a chromatogram index
virtual size_t find (const std::string &id) const
 find id in the chromatogram index (returns size() on failure)
virtual ChromatogramPtr chromatogram (size_t index, bool getBinaryData=false) const =0
 retrieve a chromatogram by index
virtual ~ChromatogramList ()

Protected Attributes

DataProcessingPtr dp_

Detailed Description

common functionality for base ChromatogramList implementations

Definition at line 37 of file ChromatogramListBase.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

virtual const boost::shared_ptr<const DataProcessing> pwiz::msdata::ChromatogramListBase::dataProcessingPtr ( ) const

implementation of ChromatogramList

Reimplemented from pwiz::msdata::ChromatogramList.

Reimplemented in MyBase.

Definition at line 42 of file ChromatogramListBase.hpp.

{return dp_;}
virtual void pwiz::msdata::ChromatogramListBase::setDataProcessingPtr ( DataProcessingPtr  dp)

set DataProcessing

Definition at line 45 of file ChromatogramListBase.hpp.

Referenced by hackInMemoryMSData().

{dp_ = dp;}

Member Data Documentation

DataProcessingPtr pwiz::msdata::ChromatogramListBase::dp_

Definition at line 49 of file ChromatogramListBase.hpp.

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