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pwiz::eharmony::Feature_dataFetcher Class Reference

#include <Feature_dataFetcher.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 Feature_dataFetcher ()
 Feature_dataFetcher (std::istream &is)
 Feature_dataFetcher (const std::vector< FeaturePtr > &features)
void update (const FeatureSequenced &fs)
void erase (const FeatureSequenced &fs)
void merge (const Feature_dataFetcher &that)
std::vector< FeatureSequencedPtrgetFeatures (double mz, double rt)
std::vector< FeatureSequencedPtrgetAllContents () const
Bin< FeatureSequencedgetBin () const
void setMS2LabeledFlag (const bool &flag)
const bool & getMS2LabeledFlag () const
bool operator== (const Feature_dataFetcher &that)
bool operator!= (const Feature_dataFetcher &that)

Private Member Functions

 Feature_dataFetcher (Feature_dataFetcher &)
Feature_dataFetcher operator= (Feature_dataFetcher &)

Private Attributes

bool _ms2Labeled
Bin< FeatureSequenced_bin

Detailed Description

Definition at line 45 of file Feature_dataFetcher.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

pwiz::eharmony::Feature_dataFetcher::Feature_dataFetcher ( )

Definition at line 50 of file Feature_dataFetcher.hpp.

pwiz::eharmony::Feature_dataFetcher::Feature_dataFetcher ( std::istream &  is)
pwiz::eharmony::Feature_dataFetcher::Feature_dataFetcher ( const std::vector< FeaturePtr > &  features)
pwiz::eharmony::Feature_dataFetcher::Feature_dataFetcher ( Feature_dataFetcher )

Member Function Documentation

void pwiz::eharmony::Feature_dataFetcher::update ( const FeatureSequenced fs)
void pwiz::eharmony::Feature_dataFetcher::erase ( const FeatureSequenced fs)
void pwiz::eharmony::Feature_dataFetcher::merge ( const Feature_dataFetcher that)

Referenced by testMerge().

std::vector<FeatureSequencedPtr> pwiz::eharmony::Feature_dataFetcher::getFeatures ( double  mz,
double  rt 

Referenced by test(), and testMerge().

std::vector<FeatureSequencedPtr> pwiz::eharmony::Feature_dataFetcher::getAllContents ( ) const
Bin<FeatureSequenced> pwiz::eharmony::Feature_dataFetcher::getBin ( ) const

Definition at line 60 of file Feature_dataFetcher.hpp.

{ return _bin; }
void pwiz::eharmony::Feature_dataFetcher::setMS2LabeledFlag ( const bool &  flag)

Definition at line 62 of file Feature_dataFetcher.hpp.

{ _ms2Labeled = flag; }
const bool& pwiz::eharmony::Feature_dataFetcher::getMS2LabeledFlag ( ) const

Definition at line 63 of file Feature_dataFetcher.hpp.

{ return _ms2Labeled; }
bool pwiz::eharmony::Feature_dataFetcher::operator== ( const Feature_dataFetcher that)
bool pwiz::eharmony::Feature_dataFetcher::operator!= ( const Feature_dataFetcher that)
Feature_dataFetcher pwiz::eharmony::Feature_dataFetcher::operator= ( Feature_dataFetcher )

Member Data Documentation

bool pwiz::eharmony::Feature_dataFetcher::_ms2Labeled

Definition at line 70 of file Feature_dataFetcher.hpp.

Bin<FeatureSequenced> pwiz::eharmony::Feature_dataFetcher::_bin

Definition at line 71 of file Feature_dataFetcher.hpp.

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