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pwiz::analysis::SpectrumList_MetadataFixer Class Reference

SpectrumList implementation to add (or replace) base peak and total ion metadata with new values calculated from the current binary data. More...

#include <SpectrumList_MetadataFixer.hpp>

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pwiz::msdata::SpectrumListWrapper pwiz::msdata::SpectrumList

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Public Member Functions

 SpectrumList_MetadataFixer (const msdata::SpectrumListPtr &inner)
virtual msdata::SpectrumPtr spectrum (size_t index, bool getBinaryData=false) const
 retrieve a spectrum by index
- Public Member Functions inherited from pwiz::msdata::SpectrumListWrapper
 SpectrumListWrapper (const SpectrumListPtr &inner)
virtual size_t size () const
 returns the number of spectra
virtual bool empty () const
 returns true iff (size() == 0) and (dataProcessingPtr.get() == NULL)
virtual const SpectrumIdentityspectrumIdentity (size_t index) const
 access to a spectrum index
virtual SpectrumPtr spectrum (size_t index, DetailLevel detailLevel) const
 retrieve a spectrum by index
virtual const
boost::shared_ptr< const
dataProcessingPtr () const
 returns the data processing affecting spectra retrieved through this interface
- Public Member Functions inherited from pwiz::msdata::SpectrumList
virtual size_t find (const std::string &id) const
 find id in the spectrum index (returns size() on failure)
virtual IndexList findNameValue (const std::string &name, const std::string &value) const
 find all spectrum indexes with specified name/value pair
virtual IndexList findSpotID (const std::string &spotID) const
 find all spectrum indexes with spotID (returns empty vector on failure)
virtual SpectrumPtr spectrum (const SpectrumPtr &seed, bool getBinaryData) const
 get a copy of the seed spectrum, optionally with its binary data populated this is useful for formats like mzML that can delay loading of binary data
virtual ~SpectrumList ()

Static Public Member Functions

static bool accept (const msdata::SpectrumListPtr &inner)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from pwiz::msdata::SpectrumListWrapper
SpectrumListPtr inner_
DataProcessingPtr dp_

Detailed Description

SpectrumList implementation to add (or replace) base peak and total ion metadata with new values calculated from the current binary data.

Definition at line 37 of file SpectrumList_MetadataFixer.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

pwiz::analysis::SpectrumList_MetadataFixer::SpectrumList_MetadataFixer ( const msdata::SpectrumListPtr inner)

Member Function Documentation

static bool pwiz::analysis::SpectrumList_MetadataFixer::accept ( const msdata::SpectrumListPtr inner)
virtual msdata::SpectrumPtr pwiz::analysis::SpectrumList_MetadataFixer::spectrum ( size_t  index,
bool  getBinaryData = false 
) const

retrieve a spectrum by index

  • binary data arrays will be provided if (getBinaryData == true);
  • client may assume the underlying Spectrum* is valid

Implements pwiz::msdata::SpectrumListWrapper.

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