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pwiz::analysis::SpectrumList_FilterPredicate_PrecursorMzSet Class Reference

#include <SpectrumList_Filter.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 SpectrumList_FilterPredicate_PrecursorMzSet (const std::set< double > &precursorMzSet)
virtual boost::logic::tribool accept (const msdata::SpectrumIdentity &spectrumIdentity) const
 return values: true: accept the Spectrum false: reject the Spectrum indeterminate: need to see the full Spectrum object to decide
virtual boost::logic::tribool accept (const msdata::Spectrum &spectrum) const
 return true iff Spectrum is accepted
- Public Member Functions inherited from pwiz::analysis::SpectrumList_Filter::Predicate
virtual msdata::DetailLevel suggestedDetailLevel () const
 can be overridden in subclasses that know they will need a certain detail level; it must be overridden to return DetailLevel_FullData if binary data is needed
virtual bool done () const
 return true iff done accepting spectra; this allows early termination of the iteration through the original SpectrumList, possibly using assumptions about the order of the iteration (e.g.
virtual ~Predicate ()

Private Member Functions

double getPrecursorMz (const msdata::Spectrum &spectrum) const

Private Attributes

std::set< double > precursorMzSet_

Detailed Description

Definition at line 152 of file SpectrumList_Filter.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

pwiz::analysis::SpectrumList_FilterPredicate_PrecursorMzSet::SpectrumList_FilterPredicate_PrecursorMzSet ( const std::set< double > &  precursorMzSet)

Member Function Documentation

virtual boost::logic::tribool pwiz::analysis::SpectrumList_FilterPredicate_PrecursorMzSet::accept ( const msdata::SpectrumIdentity spectrumIdentity) const

return values: true: accept the Spectrum false: reject the Spectrum indeterminate: need to see the full Spectrum object to decide

Implements pwiz::analysis::SpectrumList_Filter::Predicate.

Definition at line 156 of file SpectrumList_Filter.hpp.

{return boost::logic::indeterminate;}
virtual boost::logic::tribool pwiz::analysis::SpectrumList_FilterPredicate_PrecursorMzSet::accept ( const msdata::Spectrum spectrum) const

return true iff Spectrum is accepted

Reimplemented from pwiz::analysis::SpectrumList_Filter::Predicate.

double pwiz::analysis::SpectrumList_FilterPredicate_PrecursorMzSet::getPrecursorMz ( const msdata::Spectrum spectrum) const

Member Data Documentation

std::set<double> pwiz::analysis::SpectrumList_FilterPredicate_PrecursorMzSet::precursorMzSet_

Definition at line 160 of file SpectrumList_Filter.hpp.

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