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pwiz::analysis::MSDataAnalyzerDriver Class Reference

event generator for MSDataAnalyzer More...

#include <MSDataAnalyzer.hpp>

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class  ProgressCallback
 progress callback interface More...

Public Member Functions

 MSDataAnalyzerDriver (MSDataAnalyzer &analyzer)
 instantiate with an MSDataAnalyzer
Status analyze (const MSDataAnalyzer::DataInfo &dataInfo, ProgressCallback *progressCallback=0) const
 analyze a single MSData object, calling back to client if requested

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Detailed Description

event generator for MSDataAnalyzer

Definition at line 156 of file MSDataAnalyzer.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

pwiz::analysis::MSDataAnalyzerDriver::MSDataAnalyzerDriver ( MSDataAnalyzer analyzer)

instantiate with an MSDataAnalyzer

Member Function Documentation

Status pwiz::analysis::MSDataAnalyzerDriver::analyze ( const MSDataAnalyzer::DataInfo dataInfo,
ProgressCallback progressCallback = 0 
) const

analyze a single MSData object, calling back to client if requested

If progressCallback->progress() returns Status_Cancel, analysis is canceled and Status_Cancel is returned.

Referenced by test(), testConfig(), and testUpdateRequest().

Member Data Documentation

MSDataAnalyzer& pwiz::analysis::MSDataAnalyzerDriver::analyzer_

Definition at line 184 of file MSDataAnalyzer.hpp.

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