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pwiz::analysis::MSDataAnalyzer Class Reference

Interface for MSData analyzers. More...

#include <MSDataAnalyzer.hpp>

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EvenRequester pwiz::analysis::MetadataReporter pwiz::analysis::MSDataAnalyzerContainer pwiz::analysis::MSDataCache pwiz::analysis::Pseudo2DGel pwiz::analysis::RegionAnalyzer pwiz::analysis::RegionSIC pwiz::analysis::RegionSlice pwiz::analysis::RegionTIC pwiz::analysis::RunSummary pwiz::analysis::SpectrumBinaryData pwiz::analysis::SpectrumTable SimpleAnalyzer

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struct  DataInfo
 information about the data to be analyzed More...

Public Member Functions

virtual ~MSDataAnalyzer ()
Event Handling
virtual void open (const DataInfo &dataInfo)
 start analysis of the data
virtual UpdateRequest updateRequested (const DataInfo &dataInfo, const SpectrumIdentity &spectrumIdentity) const
 ask analyzer if it wants an update
virtual void update (const DataInfo &dataInfo, const Spectrum &spectrum)
 analyze a single spectrum
virtual void close (const DataInfo &dataInfo)
 end analysis of the data

Detailed Description

Interface for MSData analyzers.

MSDataAnalyzer encapsulates a passive update strategy. The MSDataAnalyzer expects to handle events generated from an outside driver. This allows the driver to control access to the MSData object – in particular, the driver can ensure that scans are read from file only once.

Event sequence:

UpdateRequest_Ok handles the following use case: a spectrum cache wants to cache only those spectra that are requested by other MSDataAnalyzers; it won't request any updates, but it needs to see any update requested by someone else.

Definition at line 59 of file MSDataAnalyzer.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual pwiz::analysis::MSDataAnalyzer::~MSDataAnalyzer ( )

Definition at line 103 of file MSDataAnalyzer.hpp.


Member Function Documentation

virtual void pwiz::analysis::MSDataAnalyzer::open ( const DataInfo dataInfo)
virtual UpdateRequest pwiz::analysis::MSDataAnalyzer::updateRequested ( const DataInfo dataInfo,
const SpectrumIdentity spectrumIdentity 
) const
virtual void pwiz::analysis::MSDataAnalyzer::update ( const DataInfo dataInfo,
const Spectrum spectrum 
virtual void pwiz::analysis::MSDataAnalyzer::close ( const DataInfo dataInfo)

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