This tutorial will take you through a simple example of msConvertGUI and will also explain how to set up your system to use the command line tools.

Introduction to ProteoWizard from ProteoWizard on Vimeo.

As described in the video the steps to using ProteoWizard include:
============================= For msConvertGUI ======================

  1. Get ProteoWizard (
  2. Install ProteoWizard (C:\Program Files (x86)\ProteoWizard)
  3. Use msConvertGUI to convert a file
    1. Open msConvert from the 'Start' Bar
    2. select the file(s) to be converted
    3. select the output directory
    4. select the output format settings
    5. add any filters
    6. click 'Start'
    ============================= For Command Line Tools ======================
  4. Update your ‘Path’ in Windows to include C:\Program Files (x86)\ProteoWizard (or wherever you put ProteoWizard)
  5. Optional : get a more user friendly cmd replacement (e.g. console2)
  6. Open the Windows Command Line
  7. Execute msConvert
  8. Execute msPicture

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